You no longer have a website, you have a marketing cloud.

Wednesday – May 7th, 2014
2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT

Are you accidentally sharing your data with your competitors?

How much is vendor latency costing you?

How does your strategy compare to the competition?

Are your vendor partners creating security risks?

Welcome to the Marketing Cloud.

Your marketing department, analytics team, IT team, and agencies add technologies to your site all the time, creating a complex marketing cloud that you need to manage.

It’s not rare to have hundreds of partners, such as eCommerce platforms, data collection software, analysis tools, and advertising technologies, in your cloud. While many companies are aware of the potential benefits of working with all these partners, each vendor has the potential to:

  • Access and leak your customer data
  • Cause site latency
  • Violate privacy standards

Ghostery MCM puts you in control of your entire marketing cloud. Make your cloud work better for you.


Are you accidentally sharing your data with competitors?

Then your competitors can steal customers right out from under you. The companies in your marketing cloud take up valuable real estate on your site. Some of them are in the business of collecting customer data and reselling it. One Fortune 100 partner estimated that more than 80% of its vendor partners also worked with a top competitor. In other words, your competitors get data about your customers—how they browse, what they buy, and their personal information—and then retarget them with a competing offer. It happens every day. Protect your most valuable asset:

  • Track each technology in your cloud to grow your online business
  • Manage the flow of data to and from each partner in your cloud
  • Be alerted when new companies appear to get ahead of the risk

Site latency costs you money.

One second of latency can decrease conversion rates by 7%.  That means a single slow vendor tag can cost you millions of dollars in sales revenue. Take advantage of the 12-million-strong Ghostery panel and discover where latencies lie. Even if you track latency on your site, you’re probably not getting the full picture.

  • See actual latency from millions of real Ghostery panel users, not just scanners
  • Analyze every page on your site
  • Compare length of time-to-purchase between you and your competitors

How does your success compare to the competition?

Only live benchmarking can tell you for sure. Ghostery MCM is the only platform that gives you complete competitive intelligence in real time:

  • See behind the login and checkout pages of every competitor
  • Track your site latency compared to thousands of competitors
  • Track vendor overlap with competitors to assess data leakage risks
  • Compare vendor strategies to others in your competitive set

To meet privacy standards you must be able to govern your own site.

No site is an island.

If you are like most Fortune 1000 companies, you work with more than 100 vendors to run your website. Each has code on your page. This can lead to data security breaches and leakage. Many of your vendors collect data about your customers and resell it to competitors.

Manage your most valuable asset and stop data leakage.

Actionable analytics powered by more than 15 million people.

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