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How Ghostery works: Ghostery CEO Scott Meyer explains how he gives businesses and consumers the power to block data with a single click.

Ghostscore Index

Ghostery sets a new global performance standard.

The Ghostscore Index is like a golf score meets a Dow Jones Index. The lower your domain’s score, the better. What’s your number?


Ghostery collects and interprets the news that matters most to our clients and readers.

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Ghostery MCM – Take Your Marketing Cloud from Chaos to Control

Discover a radical new way to increase ROI by exposing and eliminating your digital blind spots.
The digital marketing technologies that help power your business are valuable, but they can also cost you customers, data, and revenue. With Ghostery Marketing Cloud Management, you take control of your digital assets. Ghostery MCM is a game-changing solution that increases ROI by accelerating site speed, ensuring compliance, and bulletproofing digital assets.

Security (NEW!):

Lock down your data, keep more customers, and preserve and improve SEO with Ghostery’s new Enterprise MCM Security offering. Non-secure content on secure pages is serious business: it creates warnings that deter customers, hurts SEO and leaves you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Ghostery’s game-changing digital marketing technology security module gives you the power to see and control third-party actions on the secure parts of your sites. Pinpoint which technologies are compromising security and where it’s happening.


The foundation of every good marketing cloud management practice is strategic governance. Ghostery turns chaos into control over every marketing cloud technology that accesses your digital assets, directly or indirectly.


Ghostrank’s 20 million real-user community members fill the blind spots into how fast your pages are actually loading, and if your marketing cloud vendors are slowing down your site.


The #1 privacy compliance software for your website and advertising. Ensure you compliance with privacy regulations and self-regulatory programs around the world.