Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ghostery, Inc.?

Ghostery, Inc. is a global marketing technology company that provides online transparency and control to individuals and businesses. Millions of people around the world have installed Ghostery’s easy-to-use browser plug-in to see and manage the information they share with companies online.

How does the consumer version of Ghostery work?

Ghostery is the web’s leading transparency and privacy tool. It’s free for consumers to help them better understand the kinds of data collected about them and the companies that are collecting that data. If they choose, Ghostery users can opt-in to our Ghostrank panel, which provides the anonymous information we use for our Ghostery Enterprise services.

What is Ghostery Enterprise?

Ghostery Enterprise puts the same power of Ghostery in the hands of professionals and enterprises. Ghostery’s Marketing Cloud Management software allows enterprises to better manage the technologies in their marketing cloud, improving data governance, site performance and vendor management.

Ghostery Privacy Governance also offers privacy services to enterprises, ensuring that companies comply with privacy standards and offer transparency to online users.

You can read more about Ghostery Enterprise in our Company Overview.

Exactly what data do you collect from Ghostery?

We only collect data when a Ghostery user has opted-in to join the Ghostrank panel. If a user opts-in to join the panel, Ghostrank collects the following information:
• the vendor tags identified by Ghostery
• the page where the vendor tag was found
• the blocking state of the vendor tag
• domains identified as serving vendor tags
• the time it takes for the page and the vendor tag to load
• the vendor tag’s position on the page
• the browser in which Ghostery has been installed
• Ghostery version information
• standard web server log information, such as IP address (we do not store IP addresses) and HTTP headers

You can read a more detailed breakdown on Ghostery’s blog.

What happened to Evidon?

Evidon has been renamed Ghostery, Inc. We decided that working under one brand name is a more transparent way to operate as it makes it easier for our users and clients to understand what we do.

What is marketing cloud management?

Ten years ago, you had a website. Today, you have a marketing cloud. You interact with your customers across thousands of channels and device types and rely on hundreds of vendor partners to do so. If you are like most enterprises, your marketing cloud is out of control. An out-of-control cloud causes you to send customers to competitors’ stores, dilute your customer data value, open security breaches, and slow down your site. Good cloud management ensures that you keep and grow your customer base, secure data and improve site performance.

What is privacy governance?

Governments and advertising industry groups around the world have defined practices for disclosing the collection and use of data about individuals in order to tailor ads to them. Ghostery Privacy Governance is the web’s leading technology platform for compliance with these practices. Our platform allows for management and delivery of the AdChoices advertising option icon in ads and on websites, and other services to comply with privacy regulations around the world.

I saw an “AdChoices” icon in an advertisement/on a website with your company’s name on it. What is it?

The AdChoices icon is a part of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, as well as the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (EDAA) and the Canadian Digital Advertising Alliance (DAAC) programmes.

Clicking the icon launches a privacy notice with more information about data collection/usage behind the ad/website (Note: Non-US website notices may say “Cookie Consent” instead of “Ad Choices).

Similar to a nutrition label for food, the ad/site notice reveals the companies that are collecting and/or using your data, often to target the given ad to you. Additionally, it provides you with the option to opt out of having your information used for ad targeting and other purposes. Our EU website notice also provides a mechanism for you to provide your consent to be tracked, a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

Ghostery Enterprise doesn’t sell, create, or deliver ads, nor does it collect data that our clients use to target ads to individuals. We do place a cookie on your browser when you make an opt-out choice in order to remember that preference, but that cookie is used only for that purpose. This cookie was formerly from the “info.evidon” domain and now is from the “info.ghosteryenterprise” domain.

What is the EU Cookie Law (ePrivacy Directive), and what does Ghostery Privacy Governance have to do with it?

The ePrivacy Directive is ratified EU law; each member state has or is in the process of passing its own version. Businesses must provide notice on the collection/use of consumers’ data and the means to control how it’s used. Though often shorthanded as the “cookie law,” the law applies to all forms of tracking, not only cookies and online behavioral advertising.

Consumer consent is required and will vary per region. “Implied consent” could be satisfied by a consumer simply leaving default privacy settings (e.g., in a browser) as they are; “explicit consent” requires a user’s consent prior to his/her data being collected or used.

Ghostery Privacy Governance “robust implied consent” notice is in wide use across major European websites; for an example, click here.

Separately, Ghostery Privacy Governance is the first approved provider of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (EDAA) Self-Regulatory Programme for OBA (“AdChoices”) and the Canadian Digital Advertising Alliance (DAAC) Programme.

As a consumer, what happens if I opt-out of receiving targeted ads?

Opting out of a company means it will not target you with behaviorally tailored ads. It does not mean you will stop seeing ads altogether. In some cases, to opt out of targeting by a particular vendor, you will be directed to the vendor site.

As a company, do we have to work with Ghostery Enterprise to be compliant with AdChoices?

There is no requirement that a company must work with Ghostery Privacy Governance. Any company can create its own notice experience. It’s technologically complex to coordinate ad notice delivery across the multiple parties involved in an ad transaction, populate notice with accurate, comprehensive information from a myriad of sources at scale, keep notices updated based on current policy/consent requirements, etc. – let alone provide a service that can vouch for 3rd party’s compliance with the Principles. Ghostery Privacy Governance is the first technology endorsed by the DAA/EDAA/DAAC as a standard method for companies to demonstrate their compliance with the self-regulatory Principles. It is also the leading provider of both the AdChoices icon and website notice/consent for compliance with the ePrivacy Directive. So while you can comply with standards and regulations without us, Ghostery Privacy Governance is a proven, reliable solution immediately available at scale.

You can learn more about Ghostery Privacy Governance here.